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Industry Clouds

Orchestrated Industry Solutions

Virtuos Digital (VDC) orchestrates software, platform, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities to deliver tailored solutions for various vertical industries. This comprehensive approach ensures that each industry receives specific, optimized solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges.


Sales & Marketing Solutions

Entire gamut of Sales force automation—leadgen, campaigns, CPQ, incentives, field sales, etc.


Customer Service Solutions

CRM—Customer Service to handle omni channels, interactions providing Customer 360 view.


Contract Lifecycle Solutions

Contracts repository, Contracts Intelligence/dashboards to creating workflows for departments.


Collaboration Solutions

Manage the entire Employee Experience through collaboration solutions—tasks, projects and more.

CRMStudio—the No-Code Platform tailored for your business.

Virtuos Digital brings CRMStudio—the No Code Platform for Sales, Marketing, Service and Business Automation. CRMStudio with its industry first approach can help enterprises transform their front office business processes by leveraging our pre-built accelerators, marketplace apps and APIs.


Rapid builder Apps

Drag and drop applications with pre-built industry specific workflows and business processes.


Customer Satisfaction

Integrate your front office with the back-office to deliver integrated Customer and Employee Experiences.


CXDESK Management

Customers invest in software and services to enhance their Customer and Stakeholder Experience. With CXDESK, they can deliver synergistic value, transforming their offerings and outpacing the competition in innovative ways.

  • Application stack management
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Upgrades and Releases
  • Reduction of Technical debt
  • Blended pool of skills
  • Industry Process Expertise

Presenting CXNOW

CXNOW, powered by cutting-edge technologies and an experienced CX team, provides a robust foundation for managing projects, programs, and processes related to Customer Experience (CX) operations continuously. It offers deep insights and dashboards for stakeholders such as the CMO, Chief Customer Officer (CCO), and CEO.


Real time analytics

CX Journey

Customer Journey maps


Customer Effort Scores


Voice of Customer metrics


Channel Efficiency metrics

W.Digital Solutions with Asana

Virtuos Digital has designed Employee Productivity Management tools to boost workforce digital dexterity and performance through an engaging and intuitive work environment powered by Asana—the leader in Work Management.


Changing nature of work

Create your own future of work (FOW) to maximize employee value by creating a Work Graph data model that helps you and your teams work together intelligently and scale effortlessly.


Engaging employees

Connection between employee experience (EX) and workplace performance by breaking work into bite-size pieces with clear owners and due dates as part of efficient task management.


Re-imagining W.Digital Technology

Maximize the ROI from the Radical Work Nucleus (RWN) and employee-centric IT in alignment with the persona based framework of OKRX—Objectives, Key Results, and Experiences.


iSuperApp Solutions

Virtuos Digital presents Superapps, designed to consolidate and replace multiple apps for customers, employees, and various business uses, supporting a composable business ecosystem. iSuperApp functions like a Swiss army knife, offering a range of component tools (miniapps) that users can add or remove as needed.

Financial Services

iSuperApp is created for customers to consolidate services, features and
functions of multiple mobile apps
into a single app.


iSuperApp is designed to expand to support chatbots, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and immersive experiences like the



iSuperaApp embraces composable application and architecture strategies to power new digital business opportunities in many industries or adjacent markets.


iSuperApp is built as a platform to deliver a mini apps ecosystem that users can choose from to activate for consistent and personalized app experiences.

Have Any Questions About Our Solutions?

Virtuos Digital offers Industry and Business specific solutions leveraging cutting edge technologies—no code platforms, artificial intelligence, CRM & Customer Experience, Contract Intelligence, Work Collaboration amongst others. Contact us for a personalized demo solution to meet your needs.


Our Latest CX Stories

Virtuos Digital (VDC) has delivered exceptional business outcomes to customers across various industry verticals. Here are the few latest case studies of our customers where we implemented a few projects.


Digital Transformation at a leading Brewery Company

Virtuos Digital (VDC) has implemented Agiloft Enterprise CLM and Creatio No Code Platform to power some of the processes…


Saudi Arabia based FinTech Company implements CX

Virtuos Digital (VDC) has implemented Oracle CX Service (Fusion Cloud) at one of the leading Saudi Arabia based FinTech Group…


A Leading ride-drive-eat platform implements CRM

Virtuos Digital (VDC) is implementing No Code Platform powered by Creatio at a leading Ride-drive-east Platform Company based out of South East Asia..